Saturday, 10 May, 2008


I am officially switching to wordpress ,and giving myself a belated bday gift :)

Catch me here

Happy blogging and commenting !

Why ?

Sample this

I was telling a friend of mine to check out my blog and leave her opinion

Me: yeah, so that is the link
She: Ohh ok,

So, why do you blog?

I was stumped :P

Didn’t really know what to say, I thought of saying this-really dramatic :-)

Do you know why you fall in love? Similarly I do not know why I blog?

But apart from my filmy analogy, Seriously Why do YOU blog?

Do you Blog to

  • Describe your current state of mind? Happy? Sad? Dreamy? Blog it.

  • Find a network of like minded people?

  • Discuss social issues?

  • Kill boredom?

  • Take a break from boring office schedules?

  • Give your opinion on anything under the sun?

  • Share info,gyaan on the latest gizmo, cell phone or a movie/book review?

  • Get distracted from personal ups and downs?

  • Say “Hey I am not a celebrity really but who stops me from being one virtually?” Blog, get noticed and get famous? ;)

  • Get more hits to your website by blogging about controversial topics :P ?

  • Vent out frustration?

Why Why Why ?

Why do we choose this medium over others? I am not sure about it too.
I think it is a mix of all the listed reasons. We let passion drive us and reason rein us and blogging makes me happy, rarely I feel relieved too :)
Sometimes, I don’t even think before I blog, It’s like this flash of lightning and I say, Hey I would want to blog that!

So why do you blog? Let me know :D

Parting shot:

I blog, therefore I am!

This video below was made by Vineet Rajan ,for one of the Indiblogger meets,describes the spirit of blogging

Thursday, 1 May, 2008


With academic schedules heating up, companies beckoning us, lab exams to be tackled, theory papers to be crammed for, my birthday bash seems the only happy thing to look forward this week ..

I am choked !

Havent caught a movie in ages ! havent posted since loong,feel like yawning every ten min :(sob

i am sinking into the "Himalayan Mode" ..

Current mood: Procrastinating

Current song: Main aisa kyun hoon


Sunday, 20 April, 2008

Mukthi 8.03 Day2

Day 2

Began with a lot of fiddling around with the projector and Shreyas's macbook,so finally we all sat around his Mac in a small group and he gave us his talk,he spoke about Clutters,he held all of us with interest and answered one basic question that bugs all beginners-"Where do I start from ?"

Noon ,one of the talks that i eagerly awaited-"switching to Linux",presented by Vivek.This was the best talk I could relate to.He gave a crisp talk,citing all the stuff available on Linux making it more than good to switch over.

Amarok,Rhythm Box,VLC -deadly matches to the outdated Windows Media Player :)
Torrents -Deluge
Gnome baker-disc burner vs Nero
Pidgin-IM works well even with windows :)
GIMP,Dreamweaver plenty of options to choose from,this talk charged me up and I have FedCore running on my system and gives me more reasons to use it more regularly :)

The day went on with sessions from Poornima on GCC-lot of gyan but pretty nice,
Archana gave a demo on Greasemonkey,this was also a nice one,she gave us a proper run through and I am using Greasemonkey now ,comes with a million scripts and if you do try it,blink twice ,read and install scripts only that you trust :)

They ended it finally with Laxman speaking about WINE,very interesting again,but I am not sure if I will get to using it finally.
And yes,almost slipped out of my mind,Thoughtworks ,the main sponsor for this event gave a talk on Ruby on Rails,touted the next big thing after Java !

The last part was the quiz that the CS quizzers conducted.WTF ,i wanted to scream out when some seniors who have already passed out and are apparently quizzers themselves walked in and participated in it and walked away with the prize,forget that,where in the hell is the spirit man,We are beginners and we have no bones about accepting that but mocking us that way is unreasonable,...yeah well,we didnt even turn in our answers ,we obv knew we dont stand a chance.

So pls take note,next year,if you have a quiz,make sure you know what kind of crowd you are dealing with and set it at that level,Dont keep it to entertain yourselves(the quizzers)There is no point in doing that ! If you think we stand no where in the race,thank you very much,but you can conduct a separate quiz for those guys ...

That ends Mukthi 8.03 :)

Hope it will be much more liberating next year ...

Saturday, 19 April, 2008

Mukthi 8.03 Day 1

looong pending post :)
Day 1@Mukthi 8.03

This is an annual FOSS event conducted by the Linux User Group VRLINUG at MSRIT,Bangalore .

They have a nice way of naming it every year, this time it was Mukthi 8.03 signifying year ’08 and month March :) , the previous one was version 7.04 (Hope my memory is right)

This year they gave us barely a day to register and though last year almost 80% of the sessions simply flew over my head, this time I decided to give it another shot since well, I had taken the OS and Unix course in 5th semester and I felt that I should be able to at least “recognize” some of the geeky terms flying around in the event.

Last year there was a huge turnout; literally, our entire seminar hall was packed to full capacity of 300, this is an intra-college event guys, so considering that I think that is HUGE! But many of us were completely disappointed and frustrated with last year’s event since we didn’t even know what a kernel was :( and many such terms kept popping up repeatedly in the sessions and most of us were at a total loss.

This year though, I was a wee bit more confident of being able to follow some talks. The crowd was a mere 30-40 students ,reason probably being that there was just a day for them to publicize the event or people genuinely didn’t want to sign up ?yet, the event’s target audience is mainly the VRLINUG who organize ,participate and ensure the entire event goes smoothly. So thumbs up for that one though!

Day 1 kicked off with Rahul Sundaram giving us an opening talk about FOSS(Free and Open Source s/w) and its growth et all. He repeatedly stressed the need for us to wake up and realize to this other world of OS :).

Then Peter Thomas gave us a short demo on Java in the world of FOSS, here too, since I am totally alien to Java, most of it flew over this tiny brain :) but I liked his talk somehow. He gave us a demo of his Indian open source project JTrac and spoke about JBoss, JMeter and other development tools. He signed off by giving an interesting list of sites to browse through...I must admit one thing, I never completely decipher what these guys are talking about until I come back home and run a search on it and follow it up, it takes time and that turn offs many participants, especially ones like me who are not really ardent users of Linux, at Mukthi..

Then we had demos by some of our seniors...Sriram Kashyap ran us through Blender, which is an interesting tool that performs a variety of functions on 3-D content and showed us how to create a simple poster.

Shegde spoke about Gedit as an alternative to the painful Vi :) with some fallouts here and there.

Fitting finale to Day1 was the movie screening of “Revolution OS “, a 2001 documentary, I guess the name says most of it :)

Revolution OS Trailer

Need the entire movie ? Watch it here

Still got time to read what happened @Day2,click here